Friday, August 10, 2012


This afternoon my Mom, Shelby and I came to Rockford Memorial Hospital.  They admitted Shelby to the PICU and her PICC line was placed.  They sedated her with Versed and Ketamine.  We found out Ketamine is NOT Shelby's friend.  We couldn't stay for the procedure, but Shelby was already yelling from confusion, being scared, etc. before we left the room.  I prayed that the Versed would do its job and she wouldn't remember.  The doctor came to get me when it was done and said that Shelby had night terrors/hallucinations and they had to give her Precedex.  That was our favorite med when she was on the ventilator.  When I got to the room she was quite agitated and was having the side effect of seeing double (triple) from the Ketamine.  I finally got her calmed down and she slept for a while.  She then woke, was hungry, ate ice chips, a popsicle and a big meal.  She asked the nurse if she could go to her room on the floor.  So, here we are.  I think if she has to have a PICC here again, we will talk about other meds to use other than the Ketamine.  I've now read it can cause hallucinations, etc.  Shelby does not remember the PICC being placed, but she does remember her "scary" dream.  Poor kid.  Here's for no more scary dreams and a good night's sleep.

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Bob T said...

So glad you could be there to comfort her while it finished wearing off. Scary is bad, but it can almost always can be made better once Mom is there.