Monday, August 27, 2012

August Update

So...let's see, PICC line went fine.  Infusions went fine.  I got to be a pro at running the pump and setting up her med.  I'm sure I'm ready for an RN position...ha, ha, ha...all you in the medical field, I know there is MUCH more I don't know so please know I'm kidding :-D.  Shelby's prograf level came back high last week so we needed to reduce her by .5 mg/day.  We should find out tomorrow what the level from Saturday's labs were.  Just for other transplant families out there, just know we are human - we both gave Shelby her prograf yesterday morning :-O!  Yes, we freaked; long story on how it happened, but it did.  I called the on-call liver doctor and we just needed to skip her evening's dose.  They might call today and say to get an extra level done (Shelby will love that).  Ugh.  Its not *just* taking a pill.  Its a super-duper-important-if-you-want-to-keep-your-liver-happy pill.  That's behind us now.  I'm sure we'll never make a mistake like that again (she says sarcastically).  Saturday morning the line was removed by the home health nurse without a hitch.  Shelby did so good that she got 5 iTunes songs from us suckers.  

She was able to swim with her PICC line due to this ever-so-handy waterproof PICC line cover from DryPro.

Last Wednesday ALL my girls started school - yes, my little Avery is a Kindergartener now.  I'm having a hard time with it.  For 12 years I've had a kid around during the I don't.  Its just a *new* phase of parenting I'll have to adjust to.  Things are so "normal" and "calm" (knock on wood!) that it is a foreign feeling to me.  My body says "Go, go, go!  Get fired up!  Put up your defenses to survive!" and my brain says "You dummy."  I'll adjust.  I will.  Anyway, Avery LOVES school, Shelby is thrilled to be back to school and Riley decided middle school was nothing to worry about.  Now Benny needs to learn to get used to the quiet, too...any advice on that?!?!? 

Shelby snoozing on the couch during an early morning infusion before school last week.

This super-cool Mom let her get blue streaks in her hair...c'mon, she DID have a liver transplant!  Seriously, its just hair and they are SO awesome I want some.

Found this very cute pic on my phone so I had to share!

Riley's beautiful highlights

Avery on the playground/blacktop at "Meet the Teacher Night."  Her room is the light green circle.

One thing to keep me (oh, and Scott helped, too) busy while the girls are at school (as if I had nothing to do!) was finally paint Riley's room from her pee-yellowish color to purple and white.  I'll have to take more pics of the final decorating project when its done.  Its a room I want :-)  Good taste, kid!
Scott (of course ;-) passed his NCLEX (State nursing boards) and is an official RN.  Now he just needs to find a nursing job.  He's applied for many and would like to stay in the health system he's been working for the past 2+ years, but nothing is coming up.  He would like to work in the hospital, but we'll see.  Being a CNA is getting old for him as 90% of the time he ends up being a "sitter."  That means he literally sits and watches over a patient who is violent, a fall risk, confused, going through drug withdrawals, etc.  He's ready to move on to more "nursing" duties.  I don't blame him.

There was a very successful "BBQ To Go" fundraiser last Friday night at our church.  Much thanks to chief cook, Becky Keith, and all those who helped out.  If you haven't seen or checked it out already, Shelby-Palooza, is coming up September 16th.  You don't want to miss that one!!!

So, that's it for The Martin 5 right now.  Getting into school routine, finishing up projects I left for when the girls were in school.  If all goes well, Shelby doesn't have to go to liver clinic until September 13th :-)


Anonymous said...

Love reading the good updates!
Nicole Schandelmeier

Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

So good to see that everyone is doing good.