Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sorry...we're home

Sorry I didn't update sooner, but my back was killing me so bad and my stomach hadn't been feeling well for about 5 days so I spent Monday resting, going to the chiropractor and to my doctor.  I am much better now.  

Home health came late last night after we got home from Riley's middle school orientation.  For this being Shelby's 5th PICC line, this is the first time we have an IV pole and pump that we have to program in the house.  No big deal, just different than we've done the other times. 

She's been playing up a storm with her sisters and her puppy.  Late this afternoon and this evening they played and played and played in the backyard on the play set and playing tag.  This is all GOOD for  not only all kids to be playing outside, but especially for Shelby as she re-started physical therapy this afternoon to help build up some more trunk/hip/leg strength.  

We are back to busy, busy, busy and hoping/praying/crossing toes and fingers that Shelby can start school next Wednesday.  She'll just be crushed if she can't.  

Wow...I just looked at the time...1:22 a.m.  I guess I'd better head off to bed.  Night!

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