Monday, August 17, 2009

Aren't we going to a "Children's" hospital?!?!?!?

Really, this is NOT a post to give Children's Memorial a bad name, but rather my venting over some personnel there that need a BIG reminder of where they are employed. Shelby's PFT technicians sucked. I'm sorry, that's the nicest word I could use. No PFT's do not hurt. But, they are new to Shelby and she likes to ask questions until she feels comfortable to move on. I usually have a pretty good sense of when the questions are real concerns of hers and when they are just time-killers so I moderate. Today, though, there wasn't a chance for that and I didn't argue it with these people because they just didn't get it in the first place. Instead I went above them and complained. I made sure my point got across. I mean, come on, you don't say to a kid "save your tears for something that really matters." Really. Those exact words were used. I couldn't get her out of that lab fast enough. Or, "We have 5-year-olds that can do this. You're 7 so you should be able to. Come on." Yup, very sucky experience. When we left there I told her that I knew she did the best she could and I did not like or approve of some of the things that those people said to her. When I voiced my complaint I did it right in front of her to remind her that she did nothing wrong. Adults! ARGH!

Anyway, enough venting. Then we headed up to clinic and met Dr. Lestrude, the Pulmonologist, who is a combination of Jimmy Buffet with shorter hair and Paul Simon. I think that's become a game for Scott and me. We think that Lou Pinella its a combination of Dr. Superina and Dr. Whitington. I Dr. Lestrude said "blah, blah, medical jargon..." really interesting to me, but boring for you guys. Exercise 02 sats were not done due to a scheduling mishap, but Dr. Lestrude would rather Shelby have a stress test done. Hopefully that will be scheduled for September 1st when we are there for liver clinic.

We swung by the fancy-schmancy new Whole Foods on the way home and got Shelby some "Parmesan" that passed her taste buds approval when we ate supper at the Macaroni Grill. Riley & Avery went today, too, because this Mommy has been away from them way tooo much lately and didn't want to spend another day away from them. Avery was fantastic and took a super-great nap in BOB pretty much the entire time we were at CMH. Riley became increasingly quiet as the day wore on. She is already battling a sore swimmer's ear, but has now developed a fever of 101.6. She is now sleeping next to me. Poor kid!

Well, that's all for today folks!


Amanda said...

OMG I'm in shock at what the techs said to Shelby. How rude! Heck I still whine and cry when I get poked with needles and have to have tests done and I'm 19 yrs older than her! Poor Shelle Belle!

Hope Riley feels better. Swimmers ear is not fun!

Hope you have a relaxing day today!

Fred & Carol said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience...I understand frustration!

Shelby, Auntie Lu knows how strong you are and I am so proud of you for that. Hang in there sweetheart!

Uncle Freddie and Auntie Lu