Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make A Wish update

I realized that I left you all hanging about Shelby's wish - sorry! The wish makers came and Shelby was a bit overwhelmed. Just so many things to choose from! But, as the day went on she picked a Disney trip. Now its just up to us parents to pick out some days so they can plan the trip. She's pretty psyched - Riley, too.

Speaking of Riley, her fever went up to 104 Monday night. I took her to the Pediatrician's yesterday and he said it was *just* viral. Her throat is hurting a bit and she's developing some chest congestion, but her ear is feeling better because it really was swimmer's ear (not an ear infection). As of this morning her fever is still 101. Poor kid! I have her in "isolation" in our bedroom and she's pretty stir crazy, but I cannot expose Baby A or my o-so-medically-complicated Shelbelle to these germs. Riley and Shelby are not doing well flipping roles. Riley is not used to and does not like being the sick one and Shelby does not like having to stay away from her Riley - she is ssssoooo bored (if you ask her). Please send some prayers my Riley's way that she gets better soon. What a rotten way to spend your last week of summer vacation.

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