Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look at them!

Not only are there 5 amazing little girls in these 2 photos, but there are 2 that are miracles of modern medicine. They have fought hard and look at them now! Kids are so amazing in many ways, but Annika & Shelby (especially Annika) have endured more medically than 10 of us will ever face in a life time. Just wanted to share my joy when I look at these pictures.

Now I'm off to find older ones that I can scan on my computer. We have known the Tiede's since the year Shelby was born. Moreena (other than my parents) was the first one to pop her head in Shelby's hospital room when she had her Kasai.

Riley, Annika, Shelby & Frankie July 2008

Riley, Annika, Shelby, Frankie AND Avery July 2009


Fred & Carol said...

Great picture and it is amazing how well Annika has done now that she is feeling better.

Auntie Lu

Marisa said...

I can't bleieve how big they all are!!

Marga├ža said...

5 special kids, 2 for what they had and are passing during their short lifes and 3 for what they have to see their sisters suffering. It´s not easy for this 5 brave, beautiful princesses!