Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What have we been up to?

Well, we've been trying to make this week our "summer." Scott is done with his Math class (which he aced again with an "A") and we thought no one had camp. That is until Monday morning I got a call from Camp Winnebago wondering where Shelby was. Oops! My bad. She went for the rest of the day, but had no interest in going today. I think she's done with camp for the summer. Turns out that works out well because the girls each have tickets to Six Flags Great America that they earned through reading this past school year. They a have to be used by Sunday so Shelby bailing on camp makes it a bit easier for Scott to get his individual trips in with them. Yes, they each get a special Daddy day. Yea for Twickets!

Saturday night we went to a local festival so the big girls could ride the spin-til-you-puke rides in the dark. (The lights make them extra cool.) Avery just hung out in B.O.B. like the good little girl she is. The girls had a great time!

Magic Waters

On Sunday we took advantage of the nice weather and spent the entire day at Magic Waters, once again using tickets that the girls earned. Mommy pooped out as she is trying to not consume so much caffeine (and napped a bit) by late afternoon, but everyone else was going strong.

Avery is so funny. I just have to share a few things she did today. She went and hid in her sisters' bed and yelled "Liley! Sheshell! I hiding" then waited for them to come find her. Then, just before supper she found an old winter hat of Scott's that his Dad got him when he was working on the pipeline in Alaska. She wanted it on so I put it on her and she said "Bye, I going to the snow!" We had to convince her there was no snow outside and she was quite disappointed. Her words are really coming now and she is just too funny! Man, we all have so much fun with her!

On the Make A Wish front - the wish granters are coming Saturday morning. How exciting! I think we're going to tell Shelby that she's getting a wish on Friday. I plan on taking video and sharing...watch for news!

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