Saturday, August 01, 2009

This and that

This will just be some odds and ends and ramblings, but things that I wanted to share. First of all, if you could pray for Scott's Dad that would be very much appreciated. This morning he had surgery on his carotid artery. All went well with the surgery, but post-op his blood pressure took a nosedive so they are watching him very carefully in the Cardiac ICU tonight.

Second, I wanted to you all to see what little fish we have. Enjoy!
Swimming Fun 2009

Third...and this one's big, but we have NOT told Shelby (or Riley) yet so mum's the word...Shelby is being granted a wish through Make a Wish!!!! I should be hearing from the wish granters soon to set up their visit!!! She sssooo deserves this (Riley, too). We are so excited! Shelby has been through so much, especially this past year, that we decided it was time to do it. Her disease is considering "life-threatening" so that makes her qualify.

Just wanted to share...

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