Friday, November 11, 2011


Shelby's sats have gotten worse lately.  :-(  Her baseline sats will go to 90-91% if she sits for a while, but while she's on the move (just regular movement around the house) they drop down to the 75-79% range.  NOT GOOD.  Chicago is trying to work out an admit for next week so they can monitor her sats and have them on record to ask UNOS for more exception points.  Her lips will turn very purple and her hands have been turning dusky.  She is still our Shelby; pushing everything to the limit, not backing down.  In private, though, she'll admit to me that she is having trouble breathing. Trouble playing at recess, going up and down the stairs, etc.  Tonight is Riley's birthday slumber party and Shelby asked me to bring her oxygen down to the living room so she can have it when she sleeps tonight.  :-(  Please, new liver, its time.  We NEED that call.

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Val said...

I am so sorry. I hope the call comes soon.