Friday, November 18, 2011

Sat monitoring update

Shelby did the 6-minute walk test…twice.  The first time (which I’m sure is standard for the test) they told her to go at her own pace and there was a chair if she felt she needed to sit.  Shelby was not thrilled about the test at all so she sat…3 times.  She admitted to me later that she did not want to do the test so she didn’t try very hard.  I got on the phone with one of her liver nurses and expressed my concern that we were not caputuring her daily activities and the low sats that accompany them….so what was the good of this whole admission?!  She got the test reordered.  Shelby did the whole test without sitting.  I let her pick out a stuffed animal from the gift shop for her effort.  My LF friend, Noelle, was visiting and was a FABULOUS cheerleader.  Thank you Noelle!  So the lowest she went during the test was 81%, but she has had sats as low as 78%.  For now, we are in the Brown Family Life Center to keep her moving and we keep spot checking her.   We should be discharged just in time for rush hour traffic…on a Friday…yay…not!  Thank you all for checking in on us!

Actually I wrote this and then Shelby’s tummy started hurting so we headed back to the room.  She’s pooped; done for the day.  I’ve asked if they can expedite our discharge so we can get a little ahead of the traffic.  They’re working on it.

Fun with Funny Bones Improv that performed at the Brown Family Life Center

Met Minnie & Mickey (again)

Mickey taking interest in Shelby's Headbanz game

Shelby and one of the dj's from Radio Disney

Another Radio Disney dj

Shelby and Noelle, Jack's Mom, from Liver Families

Shelby and the respiratory therapist doing the 6-minute walk test

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Coralee said...

Love the picture when Minnie is holding Shelby's Minnie! Glad this admit had some fun moments for Shelbelle. Love, Grammie