Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planned Admit

Shelby will be admitted to CMH tomorrow for the monitoring of her sats.  They will most likely have her continuously hooked up to an oximeter and she may possibly have a blood gas drawn.  We pray that the doctors get the data they need to be able to get more exception points for her from UNOS.  Just the two of us will be heading in as Daddy's school/work schedule is VERY full right now.  I'm so lucky to have Scott to tag-team during hospitalizations and I know this isn't a "sick" admit, but I would appreciate prayers that I handle everything well.  I remember how lonely it was being in Chicago with Shelby in 2009 when she was taken in by ambulance and waiting (gasp! making fun of myself here!) a day-and-a-half before Scott could make it in.  Please pray for strength for her if she has to have a blood gas drawn (arterial stick in wrist - yuk!). 

RILEY TURNED 12 YESTERDAY!!!!  Here are some pics of our beauty!  Love you Ri!

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