Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Waiting to hear from UNOS

Dr. Alonso wrote UNOS yesterday asking for Shelby's PELD to go from a 25 to a 30.  Dr. Alonso also said that she thinks we need to a get a living donor worked up.  I said to the nurse "That means Dr. Alonso is saying Shelby is very sick."  She said "Yes." :-(   I will fill out the living donor packet and send it in and wait to hear from Northwestern on when my testing will take place.  Somehow, somewhere (soon) we need to get this kid a liver.


Margaça said...

Praying for Shelby and your family. And also for the perfect liver!

leftylover23 said...

Really wishing I knew someone with her blood type. We are all O+ here. Playing that a lobe of liver is brought to you soon.