Sunday, December 04, 2011


This morning we were blessed with an awesome surprise!  It was partly a surprise to me; I knew about a bit of it.  Let me tell...

Our roof is quite steep (you'll see in the pics), but we love outdoor Christmas lights.  Scott tried to climb up there, but ended up slipping down and cutting up his hand pretty bad.  The girls were disappointed but understood it was just too dangerous for Daddy.  I spoke with a wonderful person this week and she asked "What can we do to help your family?"  I brought this up knowing that it would make all the girls smile.  This wonderful person made it happen; in 3 short days of talking to her we had a group of carolers from RVC's cast of A Christmas Carol and a whole group to brave the putting the lights up!  It was amazing!!! Everyone was so nice and Shelby (and Riley and Avery) were in heaven interacting with the cast.  THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU everyone who made this possible!!!

Tonight, when we take the girls out to see the lights I will add pictures of their reactions and how the house looks.


The Hanging of the Lights


Ann said...

trying to see if my comments work...haven't tried in awhile.

leftylover23 said...

Good things do happen to good people!

Anonymous said...

So lovely! And I loved your pics of the girls' faces when they saw it!