Wednesday, December 21, 2011


8:21 p.m.
This is how we roll.  We make great sweet, tasty, thirst-quenching lemonade out of the lemons we've been handed.  For example, this
 the fabulously soft purple (my favorite color) rug in "my" bathroom at the Kohl's House.  And this,
"my" bathroom.  So while it totally sucked to have the reality of "moving" into a room at the Kohl's House that will be my home for at least a couple of months, I am so appreciative and grateful for that soft purple rug under my feet as I'm cleaning up...and for my own bathroom.  I really am.  Please remind me of this as our time here drags on and I forget :-)

Shelby has always lived by this motto, although she does not know it.  "Making lemonade out of lemons" or "Just keep swimming" like Dory sings in Finding Nemo.  She can do it; then I can do it.  I miss Riley and Avery (and Scott) SO much, but I know this really is just a temporary and small bit of time in our lives.  

Shelby watched Evan Almighty yesterday and the night before.  She really loves that movie.  I was really struck watching it these past few times on how God did everything in His power to gain Evan's full attention.  Then I think of my life.  Is God delivering large amounts of wood to my house, having animals (2 of every kind) follow me (you have to have seen this movie to understand that)...trying His hardest to get my attention?  Or, have I already given it to Him?  It really hits me in the movie when God starts laughing at Evan's statement that building an ark was not in his plans.  God laughs and laughs and then says "Your plans?!"  My prayer tonight is that I am allowing my heart to be open to His plans, not mine.  His plans to love Shelby and take care of her as only her loving Heavenly Father can.  His plans that her "new" liver will come when it is time for it to come.  Thank you, God, for this day.

Sorry if my "theology" is a bit jumpy.  I may be a PK, but I do not have a degree in religion or theology.  It is just my heart speaking.


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Becca K. said...

Is she there with you? I am so thankful that you are in Kohl's house. Will you be taking visitors this weekend? Cause we're healthy.

Jenn said...

She's not. I just go over there to shower and re-group. She is totally inpatient. Michelle gave us your room, I think, 301? The big one b/c Scott and the girls will be in and out visiting. Saturday I think we're booked all day and Sunday, too. Sorry, but these hospital rooms are only so big - oh wait, you know that :-)

Anonymous said...

Jen...I learned a long time ago (or so it seems) that God laughs while I try and make plans. So, I totally follow your "heart theology"! It is often HARD to Let Go and Let God, especially when it involves our children & not our timetable.

Please know you are in my thoughts daily. Many prayers are being said for you, for all the families waiting and for the families that are being asked to make the choice to donate their loved one's organs. (My second cousin was a 2 time kidney recipient).

PLEASE, if there is anything I can to in addition to praying, please ask!

Jenn said...

Please make sure to leave your name with your comment so I know who you are! Thanks!

Kirk and Krupa said...

So remember when I didn't answer your text this afternoon? Well, I was actually napping in room 302 - Hi Neighbor! I'm really glad you're taking even a little time away from the hospital to regroup. If you ever want me to bring you food from the house, let me know. We go back and forth multiple times a day.

Megan Nielsen said...

What a good attitude and perspective . I am praying for you guys! Megan, tannersmom

Coralee said...

I love your theology!! And you too!
Love, Mom

mary said...

Jenn, I know you don't know me but you inspire me to be better. (Scott's OB teacher) Prayers are with Shelby and your family every day. Any way Ican help have Scott contact me. Mary