Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday's update

2:45 p.m.
So finally I have a chance to do yesterday's update.  While we are staying busy here, it requires quite a bit from me.  She can only walk to her bathroom; everything else requires using the wheelchair and a portable oxygen tank.  She has to rely on me for her every movement when we leave the room.  Also, in the room, she has to stay in bed, except if she needs to use the bathroom.  This calls for me to get anything she wants that is not within her reach (and she changes her mind a lot).  She feels good enough to be doing things in bed (THANK GOD), but not o.k. enough to move out of bed on her own, nor can we have her doing that because she de-sats too quickly even on the 4 liters of oxygen.  Today, we went to see story time with Dot (hilarious, by the way!) and she wanted to come back to her room because she just tired out sitting in the wheelchair :-(  She did manage to do about an hour with the hospital tutor today, though.  She said they played a super-fun game and cannot wait to go back.  Enjoy the pics and please keep praying that my girl gets a "new" liver soon.  Thank you.


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Kirk and Krupa said...

The tree and fireplace are genius! I am totally stealing your idea. Glad you guys had such a fun day.