Monday, December 26, 2011

Laying Low Monday

I had this long post typed up (argh!) and just lost it!!!  It was all about how wonderful our weekend was and all the visitors we had, but the pictures will do justice in showing you all that.  I'm just not up for retyping it.


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LIndaT said...

Beautiful pictures. I just wanted to say that my daughter Jessica also got a puppy post-transplant. A Pug, her name is Roxy. Jess says she almost made the transplant worth it. We still sometimes refer to Roxy as Jessica's personal therapy dog. Roxy got Jess through some tough times, and she still sleeps with her every night. Glad you all were able to share Christmas together. Hoping for no extra time in PICU, let's keep the oxygen liters where they are. I agree, too many restrictions in PICU, we hated it there.