Sunday, December 18, 2011

Status Quo

5:23 p.m.
Here are the pictures that depict our day.  Please click on it and it will open up the album.  Enjoy!


10:00 a.m.
Not much going on here.  That's good in that Shelby isn't getting worse.  We'd LOVE to say "We got THE CALL," but that isn't the case.  At 4 liters of continuous oxygen and bedrest, Shelby's sats have been running in the mid-90's.  We all would be at 100% on room air all the time.  Her need for O2 is pretty great :-(  Last night I gave her a bath and she de-satted to 74% when she got out - she was on her O2 all the time :-((  I should have some awesome pics to post later as the therapy dogs come today.  Shelby is SOOOO psyched!!!  I'm psyched for her.

I miss my Ri and Avery so much...thank God for whoever invented Skype, although we had some connection issues last night.  Seeing and talking to my babes helps this Mama out a ton.  I'll post more later.


Kirk and Krupa said...

I'm glad she's holding steady and I hope THE CALL comes soon. I am jealous you get to see the Rainbow Dogs. I really wanted to take Jaisal to see them, but he's not up to it today. Hope you have a calm, uneventful day - well unless there is chaos because a liver becomes available. :)

Fred & Carol said...

Hugs and kisses for everyone!
Love, Auntie Lu

Sarah said...

Well there definitely is an advantage to being at CMH around the holidays. Never a dull moment! Glad you gals are making the best of it all.