Thursday, December 15, 2011

The decision on whether or not Shelby should go inpatient is not clear-cut.  As of last night, the doctor was strongly advising we bring her in.  Now, after their big Thursday afternoon meeting it was decided that it was o.k. to go on a day-by-day basis of us monitoring her here at home because there is NO guarantee that she will have a private room in the hospital.  Unless she cannot maintain her sats on rest and 4 liters of oxygen, then we will keep her at home where she doesn't have a roommate who has family and friends (and their germs) visiting.  There are several reasons to admit her (if she goes into respiratory failure, to keep her more confined to rest than at home and to have the nurses' eyes and monitoring available), but enough valid ones right now to not admit (GERMS!  It is SO easy to get sick at the hospital.  Really, it happens!).  So, we watch her we have been.  They really hate for us to have to come in the week before Christmas, but trust me, we'll have NO problem heading in if they have a  "new" liver waiting for our little girl.

Despite this semester being SO stressful for Scott he pulled off an B in Peds Theory, and A in Peds Clinicals and an A in Nutrition.  WOW!  I can hardly think of my name somedays....I'm SO proud of him!!!  May 2012 he will graduate.  I think he's a bit excited; me, too. :-)

Please continue to pray that Shelby's CALL comes much sooner than later.  Thank you. 

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Karen Phelan said...

Praying for just that...Shelby's liver comes sooner than later! And, Congrats to Scott on those awesome grades!