Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday pics

The cards - THANK YOU ALL WHO SENT THEM - how awesome!!!  I haven't done a count yet; anyone care to guess???

More decorations

10 balloons for our 10-year-old girl!

Sister love!  Shelby patiently waiting for us to come and move all her O2 equipment out to the living room where Avery reported "I see presents!"

Showing off one of her presents.

And another.

And another.

And another.  Hey, when you need a liver transplant, you're Mom kinda buys you a lot.

Love how she's peeking through the balloons that Avery moved all around her.

The Ratzlaff kiddos.

Love the shirt, Tom!

Shelby with her huge smiley cookies from the Ratzlaff's.

Shelby resting on Adele's shoulder.  So sweet!

Opening birthday mail.

Chops holding "the day's stack."

Chops, Shelby and Avery.

1/2 of the Barkley family came to visit :-)

Pastor Laura and Shelby coloring.

Makayla and Avery (dressed up in some strange costume).

Gracie and Riley

Courtney (Mama L's daughter), Shelby and Mrs. Lundgren ("Mama L")

Kate and Shelby


Nephew, William.  He turned 6 the day before.

William and his present from us.

Sweet niece, Katie.

Lorraina and Shelby.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty good 10th birthday, considering the circumstances. Hope Shelby had a good time and enjoyed herself --- the big party where she can be more active will come soon!
All the best and many 'come on, liver!!'-wishes,
Sven (from LF)