Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In 39 minutes...

it will be Shelby's 10th birthday.  Wow.  I wish for so much more for her than things are now.  I hope she wakes up and enjoys every minute of tomorrow, but I also know it is not how she imagined spending her 10th birthday.  Will post pics of her day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shelby!! We're sending lots of love & lots of birthday wishes from the UK. From Nikki & Evie (LF)

Anonymous said...

Happy 10th Birthday, Shelby! I hope you enjoy your special day :)
All my best wishes for the 'new year of your life', as we Germans say! I'm sure the next months will bring you a new liver, great health and a very cute puppy :)
Sven (from Liver Families)

Lisa Glaser said...

Happy 10th Birthday Shelby!!! Our family is always thinking & praying for you everday to get the call for your new liver. We will continue to keep the prayers coming for that new liver to come soon so you can finally feel better & get rid of the oxygen. Plus, it will be nice for you to finally get your new puppy!! Hang in there, you are one tough little girl with a truely amazing family!! Enjoy your day, you deserve it!!!!

Lisa Glaser (cjglke from Liver families) Kylee's Mom - transplanted 10/06/10

Kass Portra said...

Happy Birthday from Montana!! Michelle and I are wishing you the best today and all your future days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby! Happy Birthday from Texas. I hope it's ok that we've made you an honorary member of "Team Elfdog" walking in next week's Houston ALF walk. We're going to get as many people as possible to sign your shirt and then send it to you! --Harriet (from liver families)

Elly said...

Dear Shelby,

Wishing you a very happy birthday! Spring equinox, what a special day :-)
Your mum said that you love dogs. We have a sweet little dog called Maisie. She is a Border Terrier and is six years old. We are hoping that she is going to have puppies soon, but we can't tell yet! If she does have puppies then I thought I would name one after you, for being so brave when you're not well. You can see a picture of Maisie here: http://arthurcelyn.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/mothers-day-in-herefordshire.html. I'll let you know what happens!

With best wishes,

Elly in Oxford, England (ellypatt from LF).