Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Two weeks from today...

is Shelby's 10th birthday!!!  As you can imagine, turning 10 should be filled with fun with friends and a party and lots of giggling and goofiness...but, that will not be for Shelby on March 21st.  We know she can have her *big* celebration later (MUCH later), but in the eyes of a girl who is almost 10 this is a BIG bummer.  So, I ask that everyone start to shower her with cards.  I am going to trust that this goes well posting our address out here on the web for a while.  Here goes....
Shelby Martin
10930 Norman Ave.
Machesney Park, IL  61115

Just an FYI - she LOVES anything dog...hint, hint.  There are LOTS of cards with dogs out there.  Ready, set, send! :-)

***Please leave comments so we can read them or share them with Shelby if they are for her, BUT please remember to sign at least your first name so we have some clue who they are from.  Thanks! :-)

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moreena said...

Happy Birthday soon, Shelby! Having your Big Party postponed is actually kind of awesome in a way, because you'll still have your actual birthday day (and you know your parents won't let that go by without a little, quiet 'hooray') and then you'll get *another* party later on. It's a total Bonus Birthday!