Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is it a home or a hospital?

Friday we broke the bed rest rules and took Shelby to see a bunch of puppies.  We went to a breeder's about 45 minutes from home.  Shelby has been watching their website very closely and I'm sure Santa will get her her puppy from there.  We just went to visit as she can't pick out her puppy just yet.  I have to admit, it was SO much fun!  Scott was able to go with so it was a nice Daddy, Mommy and Shelby outing.  Scott was pretty busy with the oxygen and silencing Shelby's oximeter because it was alarming a lot with all her excitement.  We had her at 5 liters the whole time we were there.  Enjoy the pics!  Sorry so many are blurry; excited people and busy puppies are hard to catch on our camera.  I cannot wait until Shelby can get her own.  C'mon transplant!

Shelby's favorite.  A little Maltipoo (Malteese and Poodle)

Later that day, a *new* home health care company (this is the 3rd one we've dealt with since Shelby has been on O2) delivered an oxygen system that will deliver heated, humidified air to Shelby.  This should help her sore, raw nose a great deal.  BUT, the setup is something else.  Instead of "just" having a concentrator and oximeter to deal with there is now an additional (IV-like) pole that holds the heater and a compressor unit.  It also limits Shelby's movement, even in bed, a great deal :-(  She is not happy about it, but does like that her nose feels better.  Pretty much she's limited to her hospital bed as moving her to our bed or the couch is very difficult.  She has been down a bit with the nice weather and this new system.  Her sats consistently dropping into the low 70's when she gets up to use the bathroom.  This is the lowest they've ever been.  Please, please, please, she needs her *new* liver.
*Please see previous post - important info regarding Shelby's birthday*

***Please leave comments so we can read them or share them with Shelby if they are for her, BUT please remember to sign at least your first name so we have some clue who they are from.  Thanks! :-)


Christine said...

I don't know...that maltipoo just motnbe e perfect bed companion!

Stephanie (Analiese's mom from LF said...

It just breaks my heart that she is still waiting!! Prayers that the perfect liver comes ASAP!

moreena said...

That puppy is *adorable*. No, wait, ADORABLE! Come on, liver, come on!

Kayla said...


I really like the maltipoo too! But they are all so cute. It looks like they like you :)

I am looking forward to our XBOX rematch when you are back in Chicago.

<3 Kayla

Jenn said...

We would LOVE to get her a puppy now to cuddle with her in bed, but she would miss it SO bad when she's in Chicago for the 6-8 weeks (minimum) after transplant. Plus, we'd have no one to care for it.

Its just unbelievable that she is still waiting...unreal.

C'mon liver is my daily mantra.

Shelby is excited, too!

Colby Kids said...

I like that you guys match!

Blair & Xander (LF)