Friday, April 20, 2012

Day #1 post-op

11:39 p.m. 
***Sorry they're not the best quality photos.  Many were taken with cell phones.
Getting an IV placed in the morning.  Shelby is squeezing Daddy's ear when it hurts and Grammie is squeezing Shelby's toe to distract her from the IV pain.

Shelby and Daddy love.

All dolled up for surgery.

Snuggling <3

Belly shot of Kasai and Shunt scars.

Her surprise for the surgeons!

Just chillin.

Shelby and Telly, ready for surgery.
How tall are you Shelby?

Shelby and one of her many poses.

Daddy all dressed in the "bunny suit" to take her back to the OR.   
Her "tree."

The blue machine is the ventilator.

8:14 p.m.
Loyal followers, I know you have been checking all day for updates, but happily there is NOT much to report and Scott and I both got some sleep today :-)  She looks great with all her tubes, IV's and ventilator.  She really does.  For my own record and for those who are following along here and have a transplant in their child's (or their) future, I wanted to mention some of the meds she has running.  All are completely "normal" to be on for what she has been through.  She is one antibiotic, one antiviral, 2 anti rejection drugs (Prograf & Cellcept), Heparin, Insulin, Morphine, Versed, Ativan, Albumin, Nystatin and maintenance fluids.  These are all NORMAL post-transplant.  I'm going to try to rest a bit more.  Later, I'll try to add some pictures. 

8:22 a.m. 
Scott and I got to see our sweet Shelby around 2:30 a.m.  She is still on the ventilator, has a power picc, 1 arterial line, 2 IVs, 2 jp drains, an ng tube and a urine catheter.  In the past 6 hours, she has done quite well.  Her vent settings have gone down a bit, but her morphine/ativan/versed doses have gone up.  Good thing is she is not paralyzed.  She was waking and becoming quite aware/alert so that is why they upped the med doses.  It was upsetting to see her so alert and trying to talk and pointing at things :-(  As our new nurse for today said, "She doesn't just become 'aware,' she's ready to sit up!"  While its a great sign of her strength, and good that she is initiating her own breaths over the vent, we still want her to rest so her body is ready to heal and be completely closed back up tomorrow.  The plan today is to continue with pain management and keep her resting.  

Scott and I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep and my parents went over to Kohl's House.  Just a bit ago I sent Scott over there to sleep.  He'll get about 4 hours and I'll snooze in the chair here in the room once my Mom gets here.

Prayers please for a calm, restful day for my sweet, sassy fighter!  Thanks!


Kirk and Krupa said...

I hope all of you have a restful day! Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

I pray for a quite restful day for everyone involved. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Beth Binger-Dunaway

moreena said...

This update sounds so fantastic, and gives me high hopes that she won't need the vent for too long. I hope you all are managing OK, getting some much needed sleep, and letting the fantastic PICU nurses take their excellent care of her while you allow yourself to relax just a bit. It's a hard bit right after transplant, but what a difference it will make!

Pebbles said...

Jenn, this is such an amazing experience and the eloquent way that you write about it brings tears to my eyes. As a Mom, I cannot imagine all of the emotions that you are feeling. Also, I am intrigued by the surgical information too, since I am in the middle of my Surgical Tech certification program. Thank you for sharing your heart. I will pray for all of you.

Jen Wessel said...

So glad to hear. Prayers will be continuing daily, just as you were so encouraging for us as well! Give Shelby my love as we both know she can hear you even while sedated!

Anonymous said...

This is all such amazing news!! Shelby is so strong!! I will keep you all in my thoughts!


Sarah said...

Sounds like she is doing pretty well! Go Shelby!!!!!!!

Karen Phelan said...

Continued prayers for Shelby and all of your family...may it be a calm restful day!

KIm Gassman said...

Thanks for sharing. I woke up during the night to see how she was doing. Was excited to come home from work to read another update. Thinking of you all!

Lori & Bruce Martin said...

So thankful for your updates Jenn! I'm glued to the computer, to your blog...keep refreshing the page. Still praying though! Still praising God for Shelby's new liver!
-Lori & Bruce

Anonymous said...

From the Party Girl and Crew, We are thinking of you today and always,,,Keep on the road to mending,,,Big Hugs to you,,

Linda C said...

Yes, thank you so much for the updates - it is hard to think of anything else. It is great to hear how she is doing and how things are going. Praying for a calm, restful day for your sweet, sassy fighter, Shelby, and for all of you.
Linda C (Scott's Peds Instructor)

Anonymous said...

Shelby is the best. Funny Bones is rooting!

Lisa said...

I am checking all the time. We are so happy for this wonderful update. She is only going to get stronger and stronger. Thank you donor family for giving this family their girl back. Praise God.

Jenn & Madison said...

Shelby is in our prayers. My daughter goes to the same school and even though we don't know you guys, You have touched our lives. Thank you so much for updating us. Madison and I will continue to pray for you all.
Jenn Darr & Madison Woodman

Anonymous said...

I will definately sleep better tonight knowing things are going so smoothly. Thanks for the update! (and sending me that pic, it was great!)
Nicole Schandelmeier

SP said...

Love the pictures and the posts - prayers for continued health for our little miss!!!