Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day #5 post-op

9:42 p.m.
Went over to Kohl's House, took a shower and started some laundry.  Now Scott is over there drying it.  When I got back here Shelby was restless, but she finally settled down in the past 15 minutes.  Her sats are rock star right now - 96%.  Her temp is up a bit, though, at 38 C (100.4).  The nurse gave her a Tylenol suppository in the hopes that her temp doesn't spike.

Had to take a bit of a break there in updating.  She moved so I went to comfort her and noticed that her site of her JP drains was bleeding/leaking more than usual.  The nurse called the resident to come in and look at it and she will be in contact with the liver team to see if they want to do anything about it.  Getting pretty antsy about getting this kid to surgery and closed tomorrow!

5:53 p.m.

Seriously people, for computer savvy as I like to think I am, I cannot use paint correctly.  I just wanted to make little black boxes to cover up her girly parts, but ended up having to use the brush to make my boxes.  If anyone can explain it easily to my sleep-deprived brain, please leave directions in the comments. :-)
 Shelby just got her dressing and bedding changed.  She did well with her oral care, Nystatin and suctioning.  She's been listening to music today on her iPod.  So glad I found her little tripod before this.  It worked well for her making videos before the transplant and now serves well holding her iPod on her bed next to her :-)  Selena Gomez, music from the Disney show Shake It Up and Justin Bieber were on the playlist today.  She HATES relaxing music; it makes her sad so I said we wouldn't play any.  She smiled when her tunes came on.
Her iPod on her Gorillamobile flexible tripod.

I didn't quite get it in here, but Shelby and Daddy are holding hands.

The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me and the doctors ordered her Heparin to be stopped tonight so things are looking really promising for her to go to the OR tomorrow.  There's even a tentative time set - 2 p.m. :-)   So, we shall see...

9:27 a.m.
No surgery today, but she's on the schedule for tomorrow.  She is fluid-negative, but they want her to be even more.  So, pee away little girl, pee away!  Her sedation status continues to be monitored.  There were a few times last night where she had us jumping up to grab her hands before they got to her breathing tube, but she would eventually settle back down.  I really think she is more irritated than in pain so that is good.  The game plan for her today:  rest, pee and stay stable :-)


Anonymous said...

Stalking closely! Hoping for a day filled with rest and pee. --Harriet

Kass Portra said...

Are you really as calm as your posts sound? I am so amazed. From a distance, I know the best thing is to let the drugs work their magic and let Shelby rest, but I would be a wreck in person. I'm always amazed at the strength everyone shows! You are no exception. Hoping for a restful, healing day - for everyone (Shelby, your family, and the donor's family).

Kirk and Krupa said...

I'm glad that Shelby is scheduled for the OR tomorrow and that you are managing to get some rest. Those PICU nurses are great with their PRNs and I hope Shelby is able to be calm today and get some rest as well. I plan to visit as soon as I shake this cold (as in several days healthy after the cold)!

Jenn said...

I do think we're pretty calm. I think its going to be excited, but nerve-wracking when her sedation is weaned in anticipation of extubation. I think we'll really have to be on our toes, then. I really want her to be comfortable right now so I'm happy to let the drugs do their thing. Trying to be positive, I did say to last night's nurse "That's why they have Methadone for later, right? So we can keep them comfortable now."

Jenn said...

So far, so good :-)

Jenn said...

Kirk and Krupa,
We've been having several nurses named Meghan/Megan. We are THRILLED with the care she has been getting. Whitington is on the next 2 weeks. Yesterday it was fun to watch the resident squirm during rounds :-O

Anonymous said...

Sounds all pretty good so far - keeping my fingers crossed that the temperature went down and today's surgery to close her up is a successful GO! Love it that she smiled when her music was on.
All the best,
Sven (from LF - and soon on Liver Families again, once I'm back from my holiday ;))