Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day #10 post-op

2:39 p.m.
Harder to update when your kid's awake:-)  She's much more coherent today.  :-)  She's eaten ice chips, apple juice, water, taken oral meds and a bit of a milkshake.  If she eats a bit more the ng tube can come out.  She got up to the side of the bed (with a ton of support - her head wobbling around reminds me of a newborn's) and stood up about 3 times - with MEGA help from her wonderful nurse Meghan, but still a wonderful accomplishment....and she didn't desat like crazy while doing it.

They're trying to get her off the NO completely.  While I was sleeping at Kohl's House earlier, they tried to turn it off (its down to the lowest setting), but she desatted into the high 70's.  As I type they are moving the ventilator out of her room :-)  They are going to turn off the NO completely and turn her O2 flow back up and see if that works.  

Things are progressing very nicely; so much that Scott and I felt comfortable not being here for rounds.  Of course, my parents were here with Shelby during that time.  She was very happy to see Grammie when she woke from a little snooze.  

All in all, a great day so far.  She is weaker than I imagined, but when I think of all she's been through it makes sense.  I'm just so used to my super-strong girl.  I'll update later and hopefully have some pics from today.


Lisa said...

I'm just over the moon. What a fighter. So thankful to her donor family.

Anonymous said...

oh so good to see that pic of Shelby n Scott!!! Samantha had very weird hallucinations in the ICU, but the nurses knew it was 'normal' [love the english accent part: )] So sad about the baby next unfair!
sending healing hugs and restful ones for all!!

Anonymous said...

OMG she is back, praise the Lord! -Linda from LF

Bruce and Lori said...

2:39 pm - What a great report to read! What a huge sigh of relief! I agree with Linda- praise the Lord!!

Belinda said...

Such good news! Go miss Shelby! :)