Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day #2 post-op

6:56 p.m.
Wow!  Time drags on, yet flies here.  I can't believe its been over 12 hours since I've updated.  The doctors decided to start her on a small dose of Lasix to help her pull off more fluid so that she can be closed up tomorrow.  She really looks fabulous already; no puffiness in her face, just her hands and arms.  Scott and I were able to get away late this morning and grab breakfast together before we crashed at Kohl's House.  Thank goodness for my parents being here!  With her sedated, we feel comfortable leaving as long as there is a familiar voice here to reassure her when needed.  Don't get me wrong, these PICU nurses are FABULOUS.  They really are!  We have been SO happy with her care.  Nurses from the 6th floor have been stopping in to see her and they are so thrilled, as are we :-)     

So the plan is to keep her resting, pull of some more fluid and go to the OR tomorrow to be closed up :-)  We are feeling SO blessed.

5:49 a.m.
I've had my 4 hour sleep shift, now its the birthday boy's turn.  Yes, its Scott's birthday.  :-)  Happy 45th, my love!  Shelby's night has been quiet.  She did, right before I fell asleep, reach both arms straight up in the air!  Scott and I both hopped out of our chairs and each grabbed an arm and the nurse was right in.  Booster doses of Versed and Morphine were given and she settled right back down.  She had a chest x-ray around 4 a.m. and that came back indicating that her breathing tube needed to come out 1 cm.  They gave her a short-acting (15 min. - 1 hr.) paralytic and an extra dose of Versed to keep her comfortable and to make the procedure safer.  She is so strong they couldn't risk her "assisting" them.  They just did that and she tolerated it well.  Her numbers did not indicate that she was anxious or in any discomfort during it (thank God!).  Her high blood sugar (a stress response from surgery, thus the need for the insulin drip as I mentioned in the previous post where I talked about the meds she was on) is coming down nicely.  So much that they've decreased the drip.  One great thing, too, is that she has continued making urine throughout everything.  That is very good as sometimes the kidneys "go to sleep" and have trouble "waking up" causing the need for assistance.  She is fluid-positive (that means taking in more than she's putting out), but its not bad at all.  She has very minimal puffiness.  She should have another ultrasound in the next hour or so.  They are looking for continued good flow of blood through and around that "new" liver.  Her incision dressing is pretty saturated, but that's to be expected and all the fluid coming out of her jp drains looks good.  Her post-op temp has resolved.  Daylight is breaking now and although I miss her voice and know that she would be so mad that she is still asleep, I pray for another calm, healing, restful day for my sweet, sassy girl.  Thank you organ donor :-)


Fred & Carol said...

Great news, continued prayers to all, and happy birthday Scott. Love you guys so much! Hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

Perfect way to start my day! Thanks Jenn!
Nicole Schandelmeier

Tamra Piper said...

Great News is right!! Prayers for all of you.
Happy Birthday Scott. what a great B Day present....a new life for Shelby.
Thank you to the donor family.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are progressing well shelby has quite the spirit. Jen you are so strong and what a birthday present for Scott we are all keeping you in our hearts. Stay Strong :)
Jessica Gorham

Ann said...

We are so glad to hear she is staying restful and getting stronger. What a wonderful birthday gift for Scott. I know that you can feel how much everyone is cheering you on and the prayers being lifted. Hang in there and try to get some sleep when you can. Love you guys!

Emily S said...

Tears of joy!! The new picture & your caption are amazing! What an awesome testimony for organ donation! Many prayers still coming your way. Emily & Grace Swanigan

Anonymous said...

Jenn (and Scott). We haven't met directly. Shelby was in first grade when my daughter, Taylan, was in third together. We heard lots about sweet Shelby and said many evening prayers for her and your family. Taylan moved to the gifted program after third grade, but we have the last two still at Montessori. Thursday, Tessa, my fifth grader, burst through the door with tears running down her face, and exclaimed, "Mom! Mom! Shelby is getting her liver!" We wanted you to know... Once a mustang, always a mustang. You have a fighter. And there are so many sending love your way. Many more BLESSINGS to you all.