Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 1 Inpatient

Despite perking up last night and finding new energy, Shelby did fall asleep before midnight. Her fever broke and she did great throughout the night getting her IV flushed (she hates that) and hooked up. She also did FANTASTIC at her 7:15 a.m. blood draw; from her arm, NOT her IV. Her choice. She would much rather only have things going in her IV, NOT coming out. Her tummy hurts quite a bit today and it is a struggle to get her to eat. She is now on neutropenic precaution as her ANC is now below 1000 - in the 800's, actually. Daddy has spent all day with her because I had to take Avery for a GI check-up (she still has GERD) and then I had a doctor's appointment (dx.=tension headaches and hives from, you guessed it, stress!) and I got my flu shot. It hurt a lot - I'm a wimp so don't tell my extra brave strong kid - she'll make fun of me! Anyway....Scott is staying with her tonight, too, as Avery is home and he can't be left alone with her overnight - you know, that whole lifting her thing is still out of the question with his shoulder. Its killing me to be away from my Shel-belle while she's in Club Med and I miss her so much! Tomorrow a.m. they'll draw labs again and we'll go from there. We're hoping for liver numbers, particularly her biliruben, to improve so she can get sprung from there. Thanks for the prayers and please keep them coming.


moreena said...

Oh, man. Liver?!? What's up with that?

Fortunately, Annika is looking muuuuch better now and I think I should have some not too overwhelming , and not scary, photos to send to Shelby for all her questions. Let me know if there's anything in particular she is curious about.

Please give Shelby (and the whole family) love from us up here at CMH.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed and best wishes for Shelby!