Friday, October 03, 2008

A Sister's Heart

The good 'ole stomach bug has hit our house this week. It started off with Shelby & Scott. I thought Shelby's could possibly be that we backed off on her Miralax and that Scott's was his pain meds giving him trouble. Wrong. I developed it yesterday afternoon and Avery woke up at 2 a.m. vomiting and proceeded to on-and-off (more on than off) for the next 4 1/2 hours. Then, today I got a call from the girls' school that Riley's stomach hurt. Fun. Avery is quite perky again, but very tired and not quite back to eating and drinking again. So far Riley has managed to keep everything in. Shelby is having trouble from backing off on her Miralax, but we think she also had a touch of it earlier this week. We are to up her dose again and get things a movin' more, if you know what I mean. If her on-and-off tummy pains don't subside in a couple weeks then we may have to start treating her lactose intolerance as a milk allergy. Fun again.

Anywhoo...Riley is so affected when Shelby is sick. She remembers many of Shelby's hospital stays and late or middle of the night trips to the ER. Shelby not feeling the slightest bit o.k. really upsets my Riley. Thank God she has an outlet for her feelings in writing. I hope that her writings prove to always be helpful and healing for her. This is her latest song since Shelby was not feeling well.

When you're close and near
I want to shed a tear
Why was a child like you stuck with this?
I know you're in pain
The hospital's your game...
I miss you
I want you near
I miss you.

Speaking of children in pain and who have seen too much of hospital life...please pray for Annika. She is listed for her 3rd liver transplant. Pray that she receives her perfect gift soon.

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