Thursday, October 30, 2008

Avery's cold, Shelby's itching & Riley's...she's just fine!

Avery caught big sis Riley's cold. She's been grumpy, not eating that well and just generally not feeling well. Her nose is a bit runny and she has a cough. Yesterday, after her nap, she had a fever, but nothing that Tylenol didn't help. Tonight Scott checked on her and told me she felt really hot. I snuck in there with the thermometer and her temp was 102. I scooped her up and we gave her some Tylenol. We undressed her and gave her cold water to drink. Now, about an hour later she's around 100. She' acting o.k.; in fact, a bit too well for being up so late...hmmm.

Shelby is dealing with the itching that can come with liver disease. She's had it before and its taken new and larger doses of medication to control. Once again her medication has been upped and, hopefully, we don't have to add another one to the line-up. Cooling lotion spray and Benadryl have been a bit helpful, too. I've read that this type of itching is "the itch that you can never scratch." That's how Shelby describes it. She says that when she scratches, it doesn't take the itchies away. Fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, bathing every other day, etc. We know all the tricks for helping her out, but, unfortunately, they don't always work.

Riley is doing great! She wrote a poem for her Papa (you'll love it Dad!) and wants to try out for the school variety show. She will be Miley Cyrus tomorrow for trick-or-treating and Shelby will be Hannah Montana. Avery will be a lil' pumpkin (if she's feeling better).

Well, that's all for now. Time to try to settle Avery back down. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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