Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shelby in ER

1:35 p.m.
Right now I'm in the RMH ER with Shelby. She woke up this morning with tummy pain and a temp of 102. So we wait...please say some prayers for her. I'll update when I know more.
2:25 p.m.
Please pray for Emerson. Thing
s were going so well for her and have taken a bad, bad turn. Shelby has given a urine sample and has her EMLA placed for her IV. Once they get that in labs will be done. She is feeling rotten.
3:17 p.m
IV is in and she is getting fluids. N
ow we wait for lab results.

6:17 p.m.
Shelby is being admitted. Her fever is still at 102 and her liver numbers are quite elevated. She is on Zosyn (IV antibiotic) and feels worse than when we got here.
8:15 p.m.
She's in her room all tucked under blankets as she's been shivering. Her temp is still hanging out around 101-102 despite the tylenol. She's having some diarrhea and is thirsty and hungry. She's been having ice chips and Daddy is bringing some brown rice from home for her to eat. She just keeps looking worse and worse. I have a feeling we (Scott and me) will both be spending the night with her. Avery and Riley are at Grammie's. Please say a prayer for peace for Riley as she gets so worried when her little sister gets sick. Thank you.
10:05 p.m.
A dose of Motrin was given to her and, wow, what a change we've seen. She's eaten some rice, a popsicle and some jello. She was telling knock-knock jokes to the hospitalist and being very charming. Her temp is now in the 99 range. Her tummy still hurts and they are culturing her stools for all sorts of fun stuff. They'll draw LFT's (liver function tests) in the morning and we'll go from there. Thank you for the prayers. Unless she gets worse, this will be my last update for the evening.


Fred & Carol said...

Give Shelby our love.

Auntie Lu

moreena said...

Hoping Shelby is feeling better tomorrow. Thinking of you all, and happy we have great internet access here so I can keep up with Shelby, too. Peace for Riley, and a restful night for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hope that Shelby is feeling better soon - many good wishes for her, and some for Riley as well.

Val said...

I started reading your blog last week when I caught your link at Moreena's. 'Wishing all the best for all your beautiful girls.

Marisa said...

I think I was in the ER here the same time Shelby was there...or pretty close and I got admitted too but am home now.
HUGS, Kisses and High fives to the Girls!