Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Goodbye earth-friendly cleaning...see you in a while

Something actually grew (for once) out of Shelby's cultures. Her stool culture came back positive for Shigella. YUCK!!! Its probably what we've all been dealing with for the past couple of weeks now. Scott & I are getting tested tomorrow as we're having minor symptoms still.

As for my title, I know and believe that my natural cleaning methods have been doing a good job and Shelby (or whichever one of us) picked this up somewhere out THERE, you know in the great big world, but the Mommy part of me has kicked in and said "KILL IT ALL. ALL THE BUGS. KILL THEM WITH BLEACH!!!!!!!!" So, I am. The stored leftover bleach has been brought out; I purchased clorox wipes and bleach-containing toliet bowl cleaner. My beautifully grown out fingernails have been hacked off. I don't want anywhere for those germs to hang out. I'm on the hunt tonight...the hunt for those invisible germs that made my girl sick. Wish me luck...


Fred & Carol said...

When you are done you can come to my house and clean.

Give everyone hugs and kisses (but no germs).

Auntie Lu

Laurie said...

Nasty, nasty, nasty Shigella! Yuck.

Get rid of those germs, Mom! And, yeah...come do my house next! :)

Hoping this is over for y'all soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope all the bugs are disinfected into oblivion very soon!

Haven't blogged about it, but we are in the midst of fighting a parasite of our own in this household with our oldest child...ick!

I hope Shelby is back to her old self, SOON!!!

Marisa said...