Saturday, November 01, 2008


Our house all decked out for Halloween - Mr. Bones and the painted pumpkins.Hannah (Shelby) Montana & Miley (Riley) Cyrus.

Avery in her Pumpkin costume Tuesday night (when she was feeling much better).
About a month ago when I dug out all the Halloween stuff.

Shelby seems to have turned the corner (knock on wood, cross your finger and toes, say a prayer, etc.). Her itching has slowed down thanks to another 300 mg.'s of Ursodiol daily. I can't find any more Eucerin Itch-Relief spray around here, though. Can anyone get their hands on it? E-mail me please if you can.

Avery was taken to the Pediatrician's yesterday by Grammie (thank you!) because her fever kept coming and going. He said all looked o.k.; just something viral. She is not napping good, but sleeping o.k. in the night. We are having to go stick in her paci a few times, but not a big deal. She is very crabby, but does have her happy moments. Today, though, she broke out in hives on her face. I was at work, but Scott said the one on her nose was actually raised up. I'm really suspecting the soy. She was very crabby right before dinner so I sat with her and gave her some soymilk to drink. Shortly thereafter, little red spots appeared on her face and head. (You can see them on her scalp b/c her hair is so thin.) Monday I will take her for the RAST testing if she is feeling better. Poor baby.

Please take the time to visit Annika's blog! She is out of the hospital!!!!!!!!

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