Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Riley & Avery DO exist still

Avery watching carefully over me while I checked my e-mail this morning

Riley, just put the book down and give me a smile!

So much of the focus on here has been on Shelby that I just wanted to let you know that Riley & Avery are doing fine. Riley has quite an adjustment to go through every time her sister is hospitalized. She always worries about her. Also, yesterday she found out that her friend Payton's Grandma, who is also Mom, passed away suddenly. Please keep this family in your prayers. Pat, Payton's Grandma, has brought her up to the hospital to visit Shelby before. I don't know what happened, but my heart aches for this family.

Avery is a snot-making factory on two fast legs! She is so funny when she's not being crabby. She already has a bit of I'll-do-it-myself in her. And, if she's going to do it herself she's going to do it right and if she can't then she's going to beat up whatever it is that won't work for her. Kinda funny, but she is turning into a bit of a toddler terror. This too she pass...

Enjoy the pictures!

(P.S. I should be hearing from Dr. Deutsch today on the x-ray and biopsy results. Her abdomen has gone down a few cm, but is still quite distended. She's doing well with it, though. She is a VERY resilent child!)

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