Friday, November 21, 2008

An update finally!

2:34 p.m.
After finishing getting settled in her room and seen by the doctor, Shelby fell asleep just before 4 a.m. Of course, that means that's when Scott & I went to sleep also. Thus, part of the reason for such a delay in posting. Serious brain fog set in this morning; I don't think I could have even remembered how to type. Then I kept dozing off while Shelby played Webkinz. Then I realized it was time for her tests, but no one had come to get her. I called the nurse and she said that the doctor and anesthesiologist were coming up to talk to me and it sounded like they were not going to do her tests. There was too much concern that it was too risky to put her under after she had spiked a 104+ temp last night and her WBC is high. So...I wasn't too happy about that, but do understand. She is on clear liquids (still) today and hopefully we can try the test tomorrow.

Miraculously (and mysteriously) after 4 1/2 hours of sleep, she woke this morning with a normal temp! Is whatever she has responding really well to the IV antibiotics? Or is it (fill in the blank)? Who knows?!?! More labs are to be redrawn and the anesthesiologist will look at her again later today to determine whether or not the scopes can be done tomorrow. She's here at least until Sunday morning because that will be 48 hours on the IV antibiotics and will have given time for her cultures to "cook."

As of last night she was not neutropenic so we don't have all those precautions with visitors, etc. If you'd like to visit Shelby please call my cell first to make sure she's not resting. She is resting now and I'm going to follow her lead. I'll update more later. Thank you everyone for your prayers!


Fred & Carol said...


Uncle Freddie has you beat right now, his WBC is 11.4 and hasn't been that high since he started chemo, so we are worried about that. He has more blood work on Tuesday.

We love you Shelby and want you to get better soon. Tummy pain is no fun and neither are the tests.

Love you,
Uncle Freddie and Auntie Lu

Shannon H. said...

If it makes you feel any better...Marisa spiked a 104 temp two weeks ago. Pediatrican couldn't find anything going on although she was starting a severe asthma attack too. He started her on azithromiacin (sp?) just in case it pneumonia, but he couldn't hear any fluid. Her temp was normal the next day also. They high fever lasted only about 18 hours. It was strange. Of course, the asthma stuff lasted two weeks, but the fever was gone. We didnt' draw labs, so I have no idea what her counts were.

Hopefully it was just some bug that Shelby picked up. Prayers that they get to do her tests today and you can go home tomorrow.

Shannon, Marisa's mom,