Friday, November 14, 2008

Shelby's bowel looks good!

"Normal" is the read from her test. Praise God! What is the next step? Still try to control her tummy aches w/meds and go to Chicago on Tuesday for an abdominal ultraound and clinic. Thank you for the prayers.

I didn't sleep well last night worrying about Shelby's test, woke up early this morning, have been away from home all day (the test went up until time to go to work, was at work, then came home long enough to come in, kiss Shelby, cuddle Avery, then headed off w/Riley for a night of birthday shopping w/her friend Maddy). We just got home a few minutes ago. I'm tired, but want to let you know how her test turned out. She was an amazing trouper drinking the barium and earned herself her first Webkinz!

Goodnight all...


moreena said...


I hope Riley had an awesome birthday. Did you hear Annika on the phone, telling you or Shelby or whoever had the receiver at the moment about her big plans to go to Coco Keys? She was sitting in the PICU, pumped up on immunosuppressants, and anti-coagulated out the wazoo. I just wanted to swaddle her in bubble wrap, not send her off to slides and icky locker rooms! You'll have to have Riley and Shelby tell her how it is there to hold her off until she can do it herself.

OK, that's not a comment. That's a phone call. Sorry!

Anyway, hooray!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Webkinz..welcome to the Webkinz world :) I think my daughter is up to twenty now! I'm sort of addicted to them myself :) I'm glad everything went well and everything looked good!

Christi(Cadens Mommy) LF