Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Prep Day

2:07 a.m. (Friday morning)
She's being admitted and started on IV antibiotics (Zosyn). Her GI will come and see her early in the morning. We are just waiting to be moved upstairs to a room. Scott is in the cafeteria getting something to eat; I'm next. We're beat. Shelby's sleeping soundly, but still burning up. Her little heart is racing so hard from her fever and she doesn't look good. Even the ER doc (who's known her since she was a baby) commented on how he has never seen her look like this. All the tests came back fine - liver functions are at their baseline. Scott & I are concerned b/c her WBC is 9.7 - that is normal, but Shelby's "normal" is below normal. So we think this is her body's level of infection. In all the labs I've recorded of hers, she's never, ever had a WBC count over 4 even when she had things like strep and pnuemonia. After her 1st Neupogen infusion it popped up to 6.48, but then settled back in her "normal" 2 range. Maybe last night's post about all that worry was for something.
12:36 a.m. (Friday morning)

They took her right back and the nurse and doctor came right in. She's had a chest x-ray, RSV and flu tests, labs drawn and an IV placed. They are running fluids on her and letting her have ice chips. What is this?!?!?! Please, no infections!

10:57 p.m.

Her temp is 104.8. We are headed to the ER right now.
9:18 p.m.
Today at 11 a.m. Shelby had to start her prep for tomorrow's tests. Five oz. of Magnesium Citrate was downed with no problem! Popsicles and jello! "I wish I could eat like this every day!" Now, her tune has changed. Fifteen oz. of the stuff has been coaxed in her now and she is still not cleared out all the way. Not enough for her test. Her temp is 100.7 and she is asleep next to me right now. Do we wake her and give her more Mag Citrate or let her sleep? Her poor tummy hurts so bad and she is so peaceful now, its hard to imagine waking her. But to have her not prepared correctly for the test and have to do it again sometime - no way! More updates to come...


Mom of Natalie Bear said...

Sent you an email...I am praying...

Anonymous said...

My best wishes for Shelby!

Carolyn Michelle said...

Oh Shelby! I'm praying so hard for you. Stay strong girl. Lots of love,