Sunday, November 09, 2008


I'm feeling like a lost that cannot make her little girl's tummy stop hurting. One that cannot explain to her why her tummy keeps hurting. One that feels like all she feeds her kid is medicines. Shelby is now on 13 meds (22 doses) a day. I have made a spreadsheet so Scott, me and my Mom can keep track of who's given her what. She has been running temps in the 100.3-100.8 range for 2 weeks now. We took her to Dr. Deutsch this week and he said that the insult her gut took from the Shigella is giving her symptoms similiar to IBS that could last for 6 months-1 year! As for the low-grade temps, that could be from her being Neutropenic. She looks like a ghost some days and her iron levels are running low so we've upped that med. We've upped her med for itching. She's on a new med for the tummy pain. She doesn't feel good, then she feels good, then she doesn't feel good, and on and on. Her tummy is HUGE still and her veins on her abdomen are very prominent, but at least they're not bulging. This week this Mommy is going to get a bit demanding about some more answers. I want an abdominal ultrasound done in Chicago and a blood culture drawn. We have got to get to the bottom of this!

Avery is doing better cold-wise, but the past few days the spots on her face where her hives usually originate are growing. In fact, a new one popped up this afternoon! I can't wait to hear the results of her test.

Riley auditioned for her school's variety show by singing The Preamble from Schoolhouse Rock. Of course, she rocked. The show's date is January 15th if anyone wants to come. She's also been asked to be the lead female vocal for a classmate's rock band that is going to perform. Remember the movie School of Rock? The last song is going to made into a G-version, instead of PG, and they're going to sing that - too cool!

Wish us luck with Shelby and please pray for her health to improve.

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Pa said...

on man, how IBS is no fun, frustrating !! and so rough for you to watch! I would get a little testy with the docs for some answers too..
here's sending you huge healing hugs!!

papage from LF