Monday, November 10, 2008

Gettin' Things Done!

Before my morning coffee could even get my brain all the way awake and functioning, Dr. Deutsch's magnificent nurse, Karin, was on the phone. We had called the on-call GI yesterday with concerns of whether or not to take her to the ER to get checked out. We decided we were not going to take her in, but the message was relayed to Dr. Deutsch that we had called over the weekend. Karin said he has ordered an IV infusion of Neupogen, and abdominal ultrasound to be done in Chicago and stool tests to check for white blood cells and blood. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! That was what Scott and I wanted done except for a blood culture, too. When I mentioned that - no problem! So my Mom picked up Shelby from school and met me at the hospital for the infusion. Grammie was invited along because the Peds Unit was busy, but the PICU wasn't so they were going to do it there. Never having been in the ICU (THANK YOU GOD!) I wasn't sure about how much Shelby would see. Grammie was there to run interference and distraction. Things went really well and I took some pictures with my camera phone to send to Uncle Freddie. I swear they gave her something wonderful in that IV because she was really quite her old self today. Yes, there were complaints of tummy pain, but nothing that made me even break out the thermometer. I'm sooooo glad she got that infusion today because tomorrow we are going to Coco Keys for Riley's birthday. I have not been impressed with the cleanliness of that place so at least she's got some backing to fight off germs a bit better.

Avery's allergy testing came back....all negative! She was tested for milk, soy, wheat, gluten and corn. I'm not bustin' out the ice cream for her just yet, though. We still need to try to figure out what causes her hives. The Pediatrician has to review it and get back with us on what the next step might be. She will LOVE Coco Keys tomorrow. I don't see a nap in her schedule!

As I mentioned earlier, Riley is turning 9 on Saturday!!!!! She is thrilled about it and loves to keep reminding me of how old she is now. I like to keep reminding her of that when she complains when I ask her to do something! I know, "Mom, you are NO fun slapping all that reality back in my face!" She has the eye roll and stomp-off down perfect. Those pre-teen year are a comin'!

By the way, Annika is back at the Kohl's House. No rejection, just some tinkering with BP meds. Emerson opened her eyes today! It's been over a month now since she coded. Also, one of our favorite nurses at RMH just had her 1st baby. Baby Eden was born with congenital heart problems and had major heart surgery today. Please continue to lift up these children in your prayers.

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Amanda said...

Aww, I'm cringing as I look at those photos of Shelby with the port/IVs. Poor thing! I couldn't handle watching my dad get his IV taken out and port bandaged up last week after chemo. I don't know how Shelby does it. She is a strong little girl. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! And tell Miss Riley, Happy Birthday! 9 already? Wow!

XOXO from FL!