Sunday, May 10, 2009

5:55 a.m.

I am tired of automatically waking up at that time. That is when the shooting happened. My body just wakes up every day at that time now. We are lucky enough that I don't have to be up then; none of us do. Tell that to my body.

Scott and I are getting more and more worried about the biopsy. We will
finally know what this mass is and what paths our lives will be taking. It could be benign and something that has to be watched closely to make sure it doesn't get too big or turn malignant OR it could be malignant, and, once it has been determined if it is contained to her liver, the (quick) road to transplant will be taken. I say "quick" because most likely we would use a living donor. Unless exception points are easy to come by with liver cancer (which I honestly don't know), the wait for her to get sick enough to make her PELD score high enough for an organ would allow too much time for more malignancies to form...and then she wouldn't be eligible for a transplant. WE WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. I do think from my researching that you get listed by how far the cancer has progressed. Cancer is staged on a scale from 0 - IV. I think I read a stage 2 gets you listed, but any higher does not.

Today is Mother's Day. Guess what my wish is? Please, don't let Shelby have cancer.

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Carolyn Michelle said...

Just wanted to thank you for including my family in the blessing of Shelby's prayer shawl. It means a lot to all of us that we could be there with you guys. We are all praying for ALL of you. I wish more than anything I could be with you guys tomorrow. I just might ditch school and take a little road trip down to Children's. Send the girls my love.