Thursday, May 14, 2009

Negative cultures! :-)

Sorry the picture is so grainy, but I took it with my camera phone and had to lighten it. That's Shelby right now, sleeping soundly next to me, while getting her last dose of vanco. In fact, that is her last dose of IV meds in the house. The on-call fellow called a little after 10 tonight to say that her blood cultures were negative so we don't need to do more than 48 hours of antibiotics. Yippee! Who knows what caused her fever. This is Shelby, you know. The one who does nothing by the rules...

Last night was very long. It made me appreciate even more the work the nurses do while we sleep! It was nice, though, to be in my own bed while hooking up meds so I will not complain. Heck 2 IV meds is a lot better than many of our liver friends have had it! Emerson's Mom was on a schedule that would not allow her more than a few 3 hour stretches of sleep at one point!

Today my after school program ended. I do have a few more weeks to finish up some reports and inventory, but its done. Anybody hiring???

By the way, Scott pulled of a 100% in his A & P class (that's the entire semester, not just his final) despite all the stress we've been under. Way to go babe! I'm so proud of you!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone is getting some sleep =D.

Good goin Scott!!!!

Bruce & Lori

Fred & Carol said...

How is Shelby doing today? Hope everyone's getting rest.

Uncle Freddie and Auntie Lu