Saturday, May 02, 2009

A get away

I just had to get away from our neighborhood for a night. Too many thoughts race through my head. The girls wanted a sleepover at my parent's house, so we (Scott, Avery & I) said we had to come along because Grammie didn't know how to do Shelby's IV meds. Pretty good excuse, huh? But, really this is for ME. The one who can't get the murder out of her head. The one who wishes they could move. The one who doesn't feel like home is HOME anymore. My heart is so heavy. Hopefully tonight I can get some peaceful sleep; not the panic-stricken awakenings I've been having the past 4 nights. I know staying up here for the night is no guarantee that I'll get a good night's sleep, but hopefully I'll be able to reassure myself when I wake that I am in a safe place.

We did hear from Chicago, but not an exact date. The IR doctor said May 12th or 13th would work for him. Shelby is still doing good.

Avery is breaking out in hives again. All on her face. ?????? is the only answer I have.

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Carolyn Michelle said...

Man, I can't imagine the horror. Hope you slept more than I did last night. I was busy staying awake at post-prom which I can imagine is a whole lot more enjoyable than panic-filled jolts of awakeness. I'm still praying hard for you guys. Tell Shelby that "Ned-the-Nub" (aka, Caleb, my Boyfriend) says hello. Heheeh, that crazy girl
Good luck this week. Hopefull I'll see you guys soon?