Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chicago today

So today we headed back to Chicago for Shelby's visit with the ENT doc. Remember, what seems like ages ago, when she saw one locally, but he did not feel comfortable treating her with all her issues? Today we saw one at Children's and he wants Shelby to have a sleep study done to determine if she has sleep apnea or not. Her tonsils aren't big, so it isn't very clear-cut if they should come out or not, but she does have several symptoms that could point to sleep apnea...or not. She wets the bed, is very hyperactive, snores, breathes with her mouth open. Those are all symptoms of sleep apnea in children. Anyway, they have so many kids to test for it that it is a 3-month wait to get in!!! Its o.k., this is nothing urgent.

Also...GRRRR..I am not happy with one of our home health nurses and have let the supervisor know about it. She came and did Shelby's first at-home dressing change on her PICC line and made a huge mess, not only of Shelby, but also left behind used supplies in the chair Shelby was sitting in. Well, she came yesterday to change Shelby's dressing and forgot to put on the bio-patch (sits around where the catheter enters the skin). She put the tegaderm directly on Shelby's skin where the catheter enters Shelby. When I pointed out that she forgot that she said "Oops, well, it will be o.k." WELL IT WASN'T O.K.!!! Shelby lost her line today!!!! She woke up this morning complaining that it hurt and when we unwrapped it her skin where the catheter goes in was all red and irritated - it was NEVER like that the whole month she had it! Damn that nurse! Since we were already headed to Chicago for the ENT appointment, I made a bunch of phone calls and it worked out that Shelby's liver nurse (Cindy) met us in ENT clinic and pulled the line. She said it looked "angry" and there was no way it could stay in. Granted, the line was to get pulled either tomorrow or Friday, I'm just pissed that the nurse screwed things up. What if Shelby needed that line for a few more weeks?!?!? O.k., had to vent. Shelby's arm is in really rough shape from having tegaderm on it for a month and we need to watch the redness where the catheter was, but it will get better with time.

We took Riley & Avery in with us today and had some fun! We walked down to the lake and then over to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We are all tired, but had some GREAT and much needed family time. Enjoy the pictures and videos!
Day in Chicago May 2009

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Fred & Carol said...

Thanks for the pictures, you are nuts being in that cold water up there at this time of year...

Shelby you and Uncle Freddie belong together, he is having a sleep study done on June 4th, but they come to our house and set it up here. They find people sleep more to the norm in their own bed.

Love you,
Auntie Lu