Saturday, May 05, 2012

Day #16 post-op

9:49 p.m.
Another good day.  She was very busy playing computer and her nintendo and alternated her awake time between the bed and the chair.  She (and me) finally took a snooze around 6 p.m. and is now awake after taking her 9 p.m. meds and taking a few laps around the floor.  Hopefully we can get her back down soon.  She ate pretty good today; more than yesterday, but not quite "meals" yet.  Here's for a good night.  She (and me) is excited about going to see the Rainbow (therapy) Dogs tomorrow morning in the Brown Family Life Center :D  Its been since January that she's been able to go there.  Very exciting.  

***If you leave a comment please do not just leave it anonymously.  Please sign your name.  We read these to Shelby and she likes to know who they're from.  Thanks!***

10:54 a.m.
My sweet man drove back in last night after COMPLETING his clinicals and taking a make-up test.  He stayed with *super-girl* so I could sleep at Kohl's House.  Ah...sleep, wonderful sleep.  I got about 11 hours!!!  I talked to him on the phone this morning and Shelby's night went well.  Without her ng tube she had to be awakened at midnight and 3 a.m. to take her methadone and ativan.  She did great!  When we spoke she had already been up to the bathroom, taken all her 9 a.m. meds (one of the 2 "big" doses for the day) and ordered breakfast.

She is going home on 25 doses of 8 meds a day.  She came in on 31 doses of 16 meds a day!  Pre-transplant her meds were spread out to 5 times a day we had to give them.  Now, the majority are given at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and the in-between are just 2 doses of nystatin.  It is SO much simpler now!  It seems like less doses of meds than it is because her prograf (main anti-rejection med) is 3 capsules each dose, but they're so stinkin' tiny...seriously!  I've never seen such small capsules.  I think we're in the minority being thrilled on how *few* meds she's on; the majority is usually overwhelmed at how many meds you go home on.  We feel thrilled that she is *only* on the meds she's on.  

Scott just called and reported that she ate a go-gurt and a breakfast bar and then saw his McDonald's and wanted some.  As we spoke she was digging in to her hash brown and apple pie :D


Coralee said...

YAY Shelbelle!!!!!! Love you - Grammie, Papa, Rye & A

Lori Martin said...

Tears of pure joy over her recovery and progress!

Fred & Carol said...

Great news just doesn't seem enough to say! Miracle, that is what you are Shelby!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Shelby...!!!! Your truly inspiring!!!! Sending love and prayers your way Scott and Jen, for the whole family!!

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog daily and pray for your whole family every night. Its so good to see that she is making excellent progress... Claudia

Pastor Cindy said...

Hi there Shelby! Just want you to know we're praying for you in my church down here in Rochelle. I'm wondering if its okay with you if I share your "Eye on the Prize" story and the picture from your nurse? You've done such a good job of working harder than anyone I know, I thought maybe it might help someone else who needs to keep working and never give up. I'm so excited for you to get that puppy!! I don't know if you remember, but I have two big dogs, Sophie and Sam. They are excited for you too!! :) Have fun with the therapy dogs today! Pastor Cindy

Mary Erickson said...

Hiya Shelby from the Erickson clan! We have been following your blog daily (sometimes 3x daily!) We are so excited that you are up and walking! You have 6 enthusiastic supporters over here praying for you and cheering for you! You go girl!! Oh - and enjoy those dogs for us today. We LOVE animals! (hence we have 3 dogs, 1 kitten, 1 turtle, 1 bass, 10+ goldfish). Kisses and Hugs from us! Mary & Joel, Joe, Abby, John & Josh Erickson

Marisa said...

Go Rockstar!
You look GREAT in your pictures!

Carolyn G said...

You GO Shelby!!! I'm so happy for you. Maybe we will get to Mexico to save those turtles soon! :) I love you bunches and hope to see you soon, girl.


Lisa said...

Hi Shelby, it is Aiden.

What do you hear when the pink panther steps on an ant?

"dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead annnnnnnt"

(sung to the pink panther song.

Hope you feel better each day. Keep walking so you can be running at home when you get there.

Love, Aiden.

Anonymous said...

Funny Bones is so impressed and happy! Shelby is amazing and we think she's the coolest.

Lots of love,

Julia and Funny Bones