Friday, May 11, 2012


11:37 p.m.
Guess what?  We had visitors today!  First my parents came in.  It was really awesome that they got to spend time with *just* Shelby as Riley was at school and Avery was home with Scott.  Lots of Grammie and Poppy lovin' was soaked up by my girl.  She ate some Subway that my Mom and I ran out and picked up and went for a nice, long walk/wheelchair ride :-)  She was not happy at all that they had to leave so they stayed until Uncle Bruce and Aunt Lori arrived.  That made it a bit easier on her.  Dad took the pictures from their visit so I don't have those yet, but I snapped a few when Bruce and Lori were here.  Clearly you can see why Shelby adores them!
Uncle Bruce making his "serious" face for the serious (as opposed to goofy) picture!

Who would not love an aunt and uncle like this?!?!?  I actually saw *MY* Shelby back for a while.  It was so nice...

Shelby showing them her Nintendogs game.

Uncle Bruce and Shelby playing Xbox while Aunt Lori was feeding her broccoli and popcorn.  Shelby had it made!
Tomorrow Uncle Chris, Aunt Heather, William and Katie come and then Scott, Riley and Avery will be here and spend the night.  Can't wait :D


Coralee said...

Lovin' those goofy pictures and those SMILES!!! Great to see you, Shelbelle!!!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!
All the best,
Sven (from LF)

Lori Martin (& Bruce) said...

It was such an awesome visit! We had so much fun and Shelby was amazing!! We are so happy we went! Thanks for letting us really did bring comfort and joy to my heart to see Shelby being Shelby. :) <3

I hope those XBox games are good and she enjoys them. Not much of a selection for the original XBox games.

I'm sure she'll be pretty pooped by tomorrow with all the visitors this weekend, but I'm sure she's loving every minute of it.

Jenn- Happy Mothers Day!!!

Britiney and Bella said...

So glad to hear things are going well!! U are a true inspiration Shelby!!! Happy mothers day Jen!! Sending love and prayers always!!