Monday, May 07, 2012

Day #18 post-op

6:14 p.m.
Why have I not posted sooner today?  Its because we've been busy getting everything ready to take Shelby to KOHL'S HOUSE!!!!!!  Getting all our stuff from the hospital room settled with the stuff we already had in our Kohl's room, getting O2 delivered, getting her PICC line out, dressing changed (by the way, her incision looks FABULOUS), talking with the transplant pharmacist and nurse practitioner all took ALL day.  She's eating some supper and then we're heading to Brown Family Life center to see Funny Bones perform :D  Yay! 


Kirk and Krupa said...


Belinda said...

Well done Shelby, that was a nice quick stay! :)

Fred & Carol said...

Love reading about all the great progress you are making puts a BIG smile on Auntie Lu's face.

Enjoy the Brown Family Life deserve the fun!

Love you guys....and Jenn you do look great for everything you have been through!

Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

Awesome. Great to hear the good news. Hopefully you will home in Machesney Park soon.

Lisa Glaser said...

Yay Shelby way to go!!! So happy to hear you were able to be discharged to the Kohl's House today!! Next step will be home & picking out your new puppy!!! I remember discharge day for Kylee after her transplant...yep took all day & I never thought I'd keep those meds straight!!! We did it though!!! Keep up the great work & we'll keep cheering & praying you on!!! Remember, eye on the prize!!!

Lisa & Kylee Glaser (cjglke on LF)