Sunday, May 06, 2012

Day #17 post-op

Shelby and the Rainbow Dog, Louise.

9:45 p.m.
Good day.  She rode in the wheelchair halfway to the Brown Family Life Center and walked the rest of the way.  She sat on the couch there the whole time.  She did really great, but was over-tired by the time we got back to her room.  Finally she took a 2-hour nap and was much better afterwards.  She got a bath this evening and ate some pizza with us.  She's lookin' good.  Still very weak compared to pre-transplant, but improving each day.  We pray that she gets discharged to Kohl's House tomorrow.  We'll see what they say during rounds, but it may also depend on how her labs come back in the morning.  We'll also have to have home health (Apria, I'm sure...grrrr) set up before she can leave for her oxygen.  Dr. W had *grand* plans of her leaving on no O2, but that's not happening.  We've used 3L when she's "active," and 2L otherwise.  Of course, that still puts her sats only in the mid 80's-low 90's.  I did go to Target today to get groceries for living at Kohl's House.  So, we're getting ready.  Let's hope we can get our girl over there soon. :-) Scott needs to head back home for classes and tests Tues-Thurs so I'm really hoping he can help me move her out of the hospital tomorrow.
Me and my girl!


Coralee said...

Don't know what happened to my original comment.....Shelbelle - those eyes look brighter today.....and I like the pink robe!!!

Fred & Carol said...

So glad you got to see the Rainbow Dogs Shelby. Keep up the great job.

Here is praying you get to go to the Kohl's house today.

Hugs and kisses,
Auntie Lu.

Gayle George said...

I love the picture of you Shelby and one of the Rainbow Dogs. Jennifer, thanks for keeping up the blog. I have been reading it once or twice every day.

Shelby, you are in my thoughts often. Love you!!!


Carolyn G said...

Aww, Shelby, I"m so glad you got to go see the dogs! You are lookin' great, all-star! I'm praying for that big move to the Kohl's house!


moreena said...

Shelby, you are looking great! And, Jennifer, I can't believe how great you are looking, too! I totally fell apart during my stay in the hospital, but you are really keeping it together. Go, Jennifer!

So glad you're getting to go to the Brown Family Life Center, Shelby. It is really the greatest place (besides home, of course). Actually, Annika always wanted to have something like the Brown Family Life Center at home, too, so she could have the best of both worlds. Here's hoping you get to go to the Kohl's house, soon, and then home!

Aneela said...

You both look fantastic! I'm so thrilled that Shelby is making such FANTASTIC progress (and that she got to see the dogs!)

God is good!

Keeping y'all in my prayers :o)