Monday, May 21, 2012

Taking a break

Please know that if I don't post all is well.  We are all just getting *reacquainted* living together under one roof and trying to establish some "normalcy."   Liver family, please know that I'm taking a break, too, for a while and riding the train of good labs/Shelby doing well.  I'll be back, I will.  I've been offered too much support over the years to step completely away, but right now, while I don't have any questions for you experts, I'm going to focus on this "new" life.  Besides, I have to get my butt in gear getting the house ready for this puppy which will probably be picked out/brought home this weekend :-O  Almost 7 weeks of living in Chicago takes a while to unpack, put away, sort through, etc.  You understand.  Thanks.


Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

So glad to hear things are going well. Please know I am here to help if I can. Jennifer, Scott, Shelby and all your families have shown amazing strength through all this. I pray God continues to hold you all in His hand and give you guidance and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Understand and am happy about the best reasons to stay away :) :)
Best wishes continue!

Kirk and Krupa said...

I completely understand. Enjoy your time at home and hopefully we'll run into each other at clinic again next month!

Anonymous said...

I am going though withdrawal. But no news is good news. Hopefully we will see you around town or church soon. I know my girls are excited to see your girls again. Enjoy living under the same roof again.--Christine

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for all of you, This blog gives so much inspiration to others, Shelby I know your mom reads or you read what we put up, I want to say keep up the good fight, WOW you get a puppy that is way cool than cool.We have cats here, yes I am there servant,,LOL Have fun Many happy returns.
The Party Girls. xoxo