Monday, May 14, 2012

Fab Labs

Shelby's labs today were fabulous!  And her prograf level was within range :-)  That was about the only good, but its a BIG good.

We both - the past week its just been Shelby - slept horrible last night.  Shelby woke several times for the reassurance that I was right there.  Added to that was her 1 a.m. dose of methodone (last one at that time :-) and then there were my nightmares (Shelby going back on the vent, but she was sitting there talking...yeah, its starting to bite me.  The social worker says that's a *good* sign that my body and brain are starting to relax and process all this.  I love her to death, so I'll take her word on it.) and my aching back.  Loooonnnnggggg night and then early waking for labs this morning.  Ugh.  It all came to a head this afternoon when Shelby whined/cried through half of her tutoring session and I said "NAP" ... and we did for an hour-and-a-half.  I woke up and freaked out thinking we had slept until the morning and how was I going to explain to the nurse that only 1 week in my care only and I had missed a dose of Shelby's Prograf.  Then my brain got straightened around and I realized it wasn't the next day.  Sigh....

Scott takes his final tomorrow morning and then will head in for 24 hours with us before heading home for Riley's spring concert (She has a solo :-)  We are anxiously awaiting his arrival.

I sent the nurses an e-mail last Friday asking them to advocate for us with the doctors in sending us home.  Shelby is NOT liking it here.  She is SO homesick.  We've been here for over 6 weeks now so I can't blame her at all.  This weekend, with all our visitors, she was "Shelby."  She's back to not being "Shelby" now.  I just really feel that she will push herself more and just do overall better recovering at home.  I pray that they decide in Thursday's clinic (if her #'s look good) to give us the green light to head out.  We'll still have to come back twice a week for a while; maybe even more, but I'll do it if that what it takes to help my kid.  Sleeping in our own home will do wonders for all 5 of us.  Please pray her numbers stay stable and they let us go HOME.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you get to come home! I wondered how long you would have to stay, I'm praying you can come home Thursday night!

Nicole Schandelmeier

Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

Praying that the numbers are where they need to be and that Thursday you get the green light to come home. Remember if you need anything please let us know. Stay strong!!! I know God's hand is holding all of you very tightly.

Adele said...

For you both to come home would be wonderful!! It would do wonders for the whole clan :)