Tuesday, May 15, 2012

:-) ....mum's the word

After even a worse night of sleep for both of us, I was greeted with a wonderful phone call just before 8 a.m.  The nurse was calling us to say that Dr. Alonso is o.k. with Shelby going home after clinic Thursday if her liver numbers look good.  PLEASE do not say anything to Riley or Avery.  We're not telling Shelby, either, because if her labs come back bad she will be crushed.  I want to surprise my girls.  If you're on Facebook, look for an event invite if you're local :-)   Pray, pray, pray for good numbers Thursday morning!

We are very excited that we'll see Scott soon!  He's still taking his final, but we should have him here with us by mid-afternoon.  Then its off to the Lincoln Park Zoo on this beautiful day.  :-)


Adele said...

Yay!!! You know we will be there :)

Beth Binger-Dunaway said...

Praying for you all!!!

Fred & Carol said...

Fingers and toes crossed for good labs on Thursday!!!

So happy about Shelby's labs yesterday! Just proves being around family is the best medicine.

Love you guys,
Auntie Lu

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for perfect labs on Thursday AND in the future in general :)
Hope Scott's final went well!
Sven (from LF)

Anonymous said...

Praying for happy labs!!!! The girls will be excited to see her. They love the Shelby updates just as much as I do! -- Christine

Lori Martin said...

Great news! Praying her lab numbers look good tomorrow!

Today is Wed...did she get her Robopup yet?

I have no doubt that Scott is going to breeze through this last part of his finals and ace it! So, a HUGE CONGRATS to Scott for completing school!! YAY! It's gotta feel pretty darn good!!

Jenn said...

She got the Robopup today (as in the voucher for it), but has to get more "leather" as gifts from Logan before she can access the voucher. Every time she gets a gift from her dog, she gets upset if its not leather. I don't know...I don't understand her game. She's happy that its there and can be accessed soon, though!

Anonymous said...

Got everything crossed for brilliant labs today. Hope to read a great update later. Lots of love from Nikki & Evie (LF uk) xxxx

Carolyn G said...

This is so exciting. Praying so hard for God's grace!!

Love you guys, hope to see you soon!!!!