Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Day #19 post-op

8:44 p.m.
Some of our fabulous 6W nurses!

Goofy faces!

Waiting for Funny Bones to start in the Brown Family Life Center

Shelby and the beloved volunteer, Ted :-)

The crew at Brown Family Life Center last night.

The goofy pic!

Shelby and Julia, our favorite Funny Bones person and our friend.

The new meds

9:18 a.m.
Night went great!  Shelby fell asleep in, like, 30 seconds.  Scott and I shared a twin bed for half the night, then I crawled in Shelby's twin bed and snuggled up to her.  She really wanted her Daddy to stay the night so instead of driving home last night for today's 9 a.m. class, he slept here and got up and drove home at 6 a.m.  Thank you honey!  I woke to my 1 a.m. alarm - this is an amazing feat if you know me and alarm clocks! - to give her her methadone.  Now, the 9 a.m. meds have been given - one of the two *big* doses for the day - and we're both chillin' in bed :D  For my liver/medical people, her labs yesterday were awesome!  I was going to get a copy and forgot so I'll have to remember that in clinic Thursday morning.   Her prograf level did come back at 18.5 (her target range right now is 10-12) so last night and this morning's doses are being held and she'll resume it this evening at 3 mg bid.  My goal for the next few hours is to get both of us cleaned up and to take her for a "walk" (wheelchair ride, really) outside. 


Anonymous said...

Shelby...19 days already. You have so many people reading about you, praying for you, and pulling for you. We are so happy to read the updates daily, your mommy is doing a wonderful job. Its hard being a mommy, but a liver mommy works extra hard for their kiddos. Give your mom a big hug from all of us :) keep up the good work. So happy to see your progress everyday. Keep getting stronger, keep your eye on the prize and most of all, keep that beautiful rock star attitude!
Maggie (ayannasmom) LF

Beth Binger-Dunaway said...


Keep up the great progress. You are doing wonderful. Hopefully you will be home soon and all be as a normal family again or as normal as can be.

Carolyn G said...

YAY!!! how are you liking Kohl's house? I bet its great. :3 Keep healing, Shelby! I can't wait to see you girlfriend! Make sure you tell your Daddy how awesome he is, that was so cool. Good luck on Exams Scott!


Jillian1213 said...

So super happy that things are going great for you guys!!! Love the updates...thanks for sharing your family's journey through liver disease! Hugs to Shelby!

Jillian and Hadley

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby!!! Missed these for a couple of days, what a change!!! Next thing you know you'll be running a marathon :) Soooo glad to see you getting better day by day.
And hi to your wonder parents! Scott, I'm surprised that you can't leap tall buildings with a single bound. Kick butt on exams!

Lots of love,
Tim & Deb & Martha Bauch

Stephanie (Analiese's mom from LF) said...

Shelby, I am so happy to see how well you are doing! I wasn't online for a couple of days due to being sick, and I was having Shelby withdrawals. I was so happy to read the blog and see so many great updates! Keep it up sweetie! Hopefully, maybe you'll be able to ditch that oxygen before you go home. ;) Or hopefully soon after! Tell your mom, I know how frustrating Apria can be, and that was quite a few years ago, and one in a total different town. But still a pain. Take Care, and keep your eye on the prize!

Lori Martin said...

How does Shelby say she is feeling? She looks healthy and I know the Dr's are happy with her numbers and progress. I don't know, looking at the pictures, I miss Shelby's spunk or spark or something. I know she just had major surgery and I'm probably being unreasonable. I hope she's feeling OK. Just a concerned aunt here, longing to get the confirmation in her eyes that she's back and OK.

Jenn said...

I'll write an entry addressing that.

Jenn said...

I'll write an entry addressing that.